You can eat breakfast as a king only in Turkey

It is said that breakfast must be eaten as a king, lunch as a prince and dinner as poor. In turkey they know the value of this phrase. Everywhere you go to eat breakfast you’ll be amazed. Different kind of cheese and jams will be served on the table. More food you’ll get in front of your eyes that you won’t finish all for sure.

During my visit in Bodrum a group of friends suggested to go somewhere to eat breakfast. Asmali Cardak Kahvalti Evi is around 30 minutes away from the center but it is truly worth it. All the cooking took a moment to be done and the vegetables were fresh from owner’s garden.

In this place the elderly is the one who cooks. When I told one of them “I am Albanian” she told me: “Albanians are better cooks of byrek than us”. In turkey we don’t miss grandmother’s cooking because there’s byrek on mass. Everything eaten in Asmali Cardak Kahvalti Evi is bio (at least they look so).

The place is like a village. Don’t be surprised if you see hens around because they are home. The greenery and violet flowers are everywhere. The staff is incredible and makes you feel home. At Asmali Cardak Evi is always needed a reservation before you go because it is full of people. Thank you for reminding me of grandmother’s byrek.

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