Three touristic spots you really need to visit in Alanya

Alanya is a province of Antalya. Many Albanians choose to rest in Analya resorts during summer with touristic package. But, which are the main touristic spots in Analya? In the video down below I’ve put in order some of them.

Alanya castle

The entrance inside the castle costs 7 euro. The value of the castle is the view that you can see the whole seashore of Analya. The castle inside is empty and there are not many archeological ruins to watch.

Damlatas Cave

The entrance costs 2 euro and it is worth it. The cave is small and it was discovered by chance. Damlatas is known as a healer of asthma and many people suffered from this disease.

Cleopatra’s beach

The beach is next to Damlatas cave. The legend says that during the visit in Mediterranean Sea, Cleopatra stopped in Analya to swim. The specialty of this beach is the sand and the clean sea.

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