Rome may be of anyone, but not mine

Rome of Colosseum, Rome of Fontana di Trevi, Rome of whom else? Rome may be of anyone but not mine. Perhaps I am one of the few people whom Rome hasn’t impressed that much. Last October my friends and I went to Bagnioregio, for an Erasmus + training. This small town was near Rome and we had the chance to visit it often.

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The first impact with Rome was in the airport. The most stupid airport is definitely “Flumicino”. A total mess! Even the airport “Ataturk” in Istanbul known as the most crowded is more organized. After we took the bus from airport to the center I said to myself: “Fjorda, you are in Rome where the famous Caesar rocked, try to enjoy it.”

To be honest, I did enjoy it a lot but I wouldn’t want it to visit again. Ah, only if someone pays the ticket and I don’t have anything interesting to do in Tirana.

The Colosseum may have been built 2000 years ago and carried history of famous battles but when you don’t like it, you just don’t. The alleys of Rome seemed so suffocating as like we were under the tunnels.

The most disappointing view: Fontana di Trevi. Why? Because it was under construction when I got there and three days after I came back to Albania it was the inauguration. It’s not just me that I don’t like Rome but also reciprocally.

Anyways, I can talk all day long about all the places I went to but no one of those left a good impression. I’m not saying to not go to Rome because everybody has a dream but I think cities like this are often overrated.

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