Leopold Museum, a must see for art lovers in Vienna

If you are wondering what is that thing that distinguish Vienna from other European cities, I have the answer. It is all built under one word: culture. It is a shame to be in Vienna and to not visit its famous museums. The best, cheapest way to see the most interesting highlights of the city is Vienna Pass.

After I got a tourist pass (let’s say), I started to point out the famous museums. Last month it has been a rainy weather so the best choice was to spend the weekends enjoying the Austrian art.

I chose to visit Leopold Museum which has the greatest collection of Austrian art in the world. It is named after professor Rudolf Leopold, who, together with his wife, took care to preserve the pictures and the sculptures for centuries.

In fact, the most surprising was that there were even glass kitchenware, furniture or traditional gowns, used in that time. I was intrigued more by the presence of Gustav Klimt art because he is my favorite after Salvador Dali. The museum is situated in Museum quartier, in few words, where all the others are. When we entered inside, we did not wait in line because of Vienna Pass. I felt privileged because the queue for the tickets was too long.

The first photo I saw, it seemed familiar. I read the description and I realize it was about the Stairs of Death that I had visited in the Mauthausen Memorial a few days ago. We can’t never be indifferent to our past.

Then I got distracted by the mirrors of 1900s or the pictures that seemed like photos, a detailed piece of art. Among the exhibits, there were different sculptures, some of them were nude men which I don’t like at all.

Every floor of the museum is divided into different themes. In my opinion, it is better to start from the first floor to the last one because the dessert is served in the end. It is better to take the stairs because the elevator might take a while. Meanwhile we were walking, I was trying to understand the shape of the museum. It was exactly like a cube with a mixed architecture, simple and modern.

On the second floor, there is the greatest collection of Egon Schiele in the world. This guy left me speechless! He drew himself nude. I was wondering how he did that, by looking himself in the mirror? Even the Austrian painter of XX century is well-known for his numerous portraits of himself. You will see pictures during the sexual act or nude females with little hairy intimate areas.

Also, in this floor there are some furniture created in that time. I loved the bedrooms. One of them with green and brown nuance had the cutest closet I have ever seen.

After Egon, it was the time of my favorite, Gustav Klimt. The picture ‘Life and Death’ is made in two versions. The first one started in 1908 and it was in black and white. The last version came out for the first time in public in ‘Berlin Secession’ in 1916 when Klimt was giving the last touch before putting it in an original framework. It resembled to ‘The Kiss’. The concepts are the same but just different themes.

Next to it there was the studio where Gustav worked every day. A picture of him with his cat and the clothes he used to wear often made me realize the reason I am affectionate to this artist. I like cats and I like to wear baggy clothes.

The museum had other exhibits such as Oscar Kokoschka and Olga Wisinger-Florian. The last one was an Austrian painter who painted landscapes. Her pictures were full of life and colors. However, in Leopold the exhibits often change. Before you visit it, take a look to the webpage to see what it will be displayed during your visit. We spent 3 hours, quiet and full of culture in a gray day.

“The Viennese don’t need education.” – I said to my companion. “Why?”- he asked. “Because they are born in all this culture” – I replied while I was counting the years, I need to equal the Vienna culture.

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