Disappointing visit in Pamukkale

Pamukkale that means “cotton castle” in Turkish is situated in Denizli, Turkey. This ancient city contains warm mineral water sources that stem from mountains. Ancient city Hierapolis is built on the top of the hill and part of that is also Pamukkale.

From photos on internet, Pamukkale seemed like a place with clear water and many sources. The reality was disappointing. The cicerone of our guide said that around 70% of mineral water is sold to luxury hotels. Turkish government has stopped the water leak in Pamukkale as a result of business profits.

Anyways, that doesn’t mean that Pamukkale has no value as a place, on contrary, it is worth it. The photos from touristic agencies are taken many years ago when the mineral source was not used from the government. In Pamukkale water, you can have a bath. It is said that the white scum has healing attribute for human skin.

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