Budapest, beautiful city but a bit frustrated

Recently, it has obviously been an increased number of Albanians in Budapest. With WizAir there are direct airlines from Tirana and the tickets varies to 70 euros max, if you book a month before. The first time I visited the city it was 1 year ago on winter holiday season. This time was different. Budapest is 4 hours away from Vienna by bus. Given the Easter holiday, I decided to visited it on sunny weather. I think it gives different impressions visiting in different seasons but I was a bit disappointed.

The bus delayed 3 hours. Also, the traffic in Vienna made it worst. As it seemed many people were enjoying the holidays abroad. I arrived in Budapest around 11 o’clock p.m. The owner of the house I booked in Airbnb was a polite young boy. I told him I didn’t have any cash and I was starving. He bought me a pizza and we had time to chat.

“Last year in summer, I wanted to go to Albania because my girlfriend and I saw some photos on the internet. We really liked it but it seemed like a dangerous place to go camping”- he told me. Then I started showing it off so he changed his mind. He ended the conversation by saying he would visit us this summer.

Tomorrow morning was extremely hot. All the shops were closed because of the holiday. We went for a walk in Budapest Eye so we could exchange some money. Everyone suggested to pay by card or draw money from the bank. The money exchange had low value. So, if you have euros in your account is even better. However, wherever Albanians go, they spend a lot of money. ‘C’mon it’s only 2 euros’ – one of my friends would say.

The crowd of tourists bothered me. On one hand, it was hot and on the other, there were full of people around me. Even if you want to take a photo alone, forget it. Especially, in these places you have to stand in a queue to get in and hopefully you don’t get to stay behind a group of Chinese. We passed through the famous bridge Széchenyi and we headed to Fisherman Bastion. When I visited it for the first time, it was not necessary to pay for the city view from above in the balconies. This time, I did.

However, somewhere in the corner is still a spot worth to take pictures. There are plenty of people but you have to wait until they go. I took a picture in front of Matthias church. I didn’t dare to go inside because the line was too long. We continued walking towards Buda Castle. The city is divided in two parts, Buda and Pest. Many years ago, the two parts were separated until they joined under the name Budapest. In fact, Buda is my favourite part because there are hills while Pest is completely a field. Alongside to the castle there are shops on both sides of the road. Also, kind of a cute pedestrian with pink flowered trees. They could be cherries but to not be mistaken I describe them colourful.

At the castle we saw a military show, let say. They started moving as in the army. I have seen the same in Athens and Prague. But it is lovely how people gather around filming them and they still don’t get annoyed and continue with their practice. Well, disciplined soldiers! Alongside Danube River, there are small houses that serve fast-food. The food is delicious but too fatty. I ate so much that I could explode. I can’t stand these Hungarians! I am a typical
smiley tourist with everyone. Especially with people who work in the service field as waiters, bartenders, hotel receptionists etc.I don’t know but this kind of people don’t know how to behave. I spoke to her in English and she replied in her language. I told her ‘I don’t understand’ but she continued annoyed. Thats a pity for her that she can’t communicate in English. Moreover, the city is highly visited.

I ran into this situation many times before in Budapest including the first time. They seemed annoyed by people. But at least, they can communicate through body language. Even Turkish people don’t speak English but I could understand them so well through body language. Anyways, whoever asks me about Budapest I will say out loud the impression about them as people.

On the Easter Eve we took a walk around the city. I saw many typical Israeli with Kippah organizing meetings in the occasion of the holiday. There are neighborhoods with famous Synagogues where they are the only ones who live there. I like the unity they have with each other.

Sailing tour in Danube River was the cherry on the cake. I chose to have it during the night because it is allegedly more romantic. At least during the day, you could see the city from the hills that I mentioned before.

It lasted an hour and we payed 15 euros including two drinks. It looked beautiful during night! There was also a splendid full moon. When we passed near the Parliament, it was a fantastic view. A hand-crafted building. It was exactly like sandy castles we built the beach when we were kids.

Later I went for a ride to Szimpla Kert, my favourite club in the world and I turned back home. In
a blink of an eye, I was sun-kissed. The next day I had planned to spent the whole day in the spa but the question was which one of them?I will explain this in the next article so you can pay attention to my tips before visiting Budapest.

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