A visit inside Salvador Dali’s mind

The first time I heard about Salvador Dali was when I arrived in his neighborhood. The house and the museum of Dali are situated in Figures, a small town two hours away from Barcelona. My enthusiastic uncle was telling me that we will visit his house and museum. He thought I had heard Dali whereas I had no idea about the world of art. I only know Picasso.

The house of Dali is near the sea with an amazing view from a little gulf. “Well, here is where all the inspiration came from” I thought. Because of the weather we couldn’t take a look inside. That month was Dali’s birthday so the entrance was for free.

Except of raining, we waited an hour and a half to go in. All the time I was complaining “Hm, is he so important that we are waiting for hours here in the rain?!”

The answer slammed into my face the moment I took my first step inside the museum. His pictures surprised me but the mustache even more. The most impressive thing was a room that from a first look it was normal but as you start climbing the stairs it showed a human face.

My favorite painting is of the girl from the window. The view was the same with the one we saw at Dali’s house. They think he may have painted his wife or sister.

I don’t have much to add about Salvador Dali because I can’t analyze his pictures. In photo gallery you will understand how complicated his mind was.


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