A special meeting in the ancient city Efes

September 2016, 3 o’clock. Hot, very hot. Efesus is an ancient city near Izmir, full of ruins and ancient stones. For a moment I thought I will pass out. I found a shady place and sit in one of the stones of this city that was killing me.

I was ready to sit when I saw a lizard with big eyes and legs that separated into two clutches. At first moment it looked like part of the stone, I couldn’t distinguish that a creature was moving. I am very friendly with animals but that day I was scared.

Because of my screams my uncle comes close to me and say: “Wow a chameleon!”  Only God knows how the chameleon came to Efes. After he put it on his arm, the chameleon changed the color.

It seemed very calm. First time I saw a chameleon, I was really excited. We decided to make it as a gift to my friend for her birthday. We kept it on the bag on the way to Bodrum. After we organized the chameleon in the box, the next day we went to buy a cage. Do you know what chameleon did? It disappeared.

When we went back home it was not in the box. There I understood how it ended in Efesus. It was not its fault; there was plenty of time for it to plan the escape. How can you find a chameleon? There is no way because it takes the color of the item. Too bad we didn’t have time to be friends.


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